MYOB Essentials Vs MYOB AccountRight

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With it’s ever growing popularity, MYOB has thrived and continually produced more and more efficient software programs for users all over the world. If you are considering purchasing and using MYOB products as an accounting software, it may be difficult to make a decision granted that there are so many options to choose from. Here are two of the most popular MYOB softwares for your consideration, find out more about the two and how they compare against each other:

  1.  Expenses

Comparing expenses for their subscription plan, MYOB Essentials is undeniably more affordable compared to MYOB AccountRight. So if you are a new start up corporation running on a limited budget, then MYOB Essentials might work out better for you. Contact an MYOB 13reseller and ask if investing in the software can entitle you to a PIC claim if you are a local corporation for added expenditure saving.

  1. Accessibility

    In terms of accessibility however, MYOB AccountRight provides more range. MYOB AccountRight gives the user an added ability to work with multiple accounts and get more done. Users can also work offline so that can optimise productivity. Additionally, it allows users to make local backups as well. So with these factors, users can actually get a sense of both convenience and security.

  1. Compliance

One major aspect of a good accounting software program would be Tax Compliance. All MYOB softwares are equipped and fully tax compliant so users can enjoy a sense of security when using the software program for important day to day tasks. Any upgrades will be processed and auto updated or prompts for the user to update would appear.

  1. Functions

All MYOB softwares come with a whole range of essential functions that a professional accountant needs. Both MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials both possess important accounting features. Though MYOB AccountRight wins by a slight margin in terms of functions as MYOB AccountRight allows users to create/track job profits and losses, as well as manage purchase orders.

  1. Payment

MYOB AccountRight also has an additional feature not found in MYOB Essentials- Accepting payment from invoices. This makes payment methods more flexible and convenient since you have more options to choose from. It also makes things a lot easier to keep track of since everything is consolidated in one software.

When it comes to comparison between the two, MYOB AccountRight does have it’s advantages over MYOB Essentials. Though one important factor to consider is that if you need the additional functions MYOB AccountRight offers presently at the moment. If you have expenditure concerns, then MYOB Essentials would be a better choice since it already covers most of the accounting functions you need.

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