MYOB Sales – Customer Reports

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MYOB have built-in Sales reports that enable you to analyze customer sales transactions. If you want to generate customer-related sales reports, you can do this through the Reports feature of MYOB per the screenshot below:


In the Reports window, go to the Sales and select Customer report header as per the screenshot below:myob-sales–customer-reports-img2

The Customer – Sales reports in MYOB are as follows:

  1. Sales Summary
  2. Sales Detail
  3. Sales History (OfficeLink)
  4. Analyse Sales
  5. Analyse Sales (FY Comparison)
  6. Analyse Sales (Comparison)
  7. Analyse Sales (Spreadsheet)
  8. Payments (Closed Invoices)
  9. Reimbursable Expenses
  10. Customer Ledger

Sales Summary

The Sales (Customer Summary) shows the total sales per customer on an indicated period by indicating date on “Dated From” and “To”.  In this report, you can apply many filters from Categories, Referrals, Ship Via, Amount, Customer PO, Identifiers and by Sales Status.

Sales status filter is also available to be able you to indicate the customer’s sales status as follows per screenshot:myob-sales–customer-reports-img3

Customer Sales summary report is displayed per screenshot below showing Sales status filter is also available to be able you to indicate the customer’s sales status as follows per screenshot below:


Sales Detail

The Sales Customer Detail report contains the sales detail including the items sold, tax rate for the account code, items sold as well as the sales status.

Sales History

Customer Sales History shows the total sales transactions for every customer in a given month range per total.

Analyse Sales

The customer Analyse Sales report shows the customer sales per total and the percentage contribution of each customer in relation to the total sales.

Analyse Sales (FY Comparison)

The Customer Analyse Sales (FY Comparison) is the same as that of the Analyse Sales Report but with comparative previous year comparison sales.

Payments (Closed Invoices)

The Payments (Closed Invoices) report shows the closed customer invoices on a given time.  So when you want to generate customer report showing which invoices which are already closed, then this report is the answer to this requirement.

Reimbursable Expenses

The Customer Reimbursable Expenses report shows the expenses which are due to be reimbursed by your customers on a given period.

Customer Ledger

The Customer Ledger report shows the customers sales, payment and sales credits adjustments for a particular period.  This report is very useful when you are reconciling customer statements and you wish to know which invoices are paid and the payments that were applied against the invoices.  This is very applicable and very useful when you don’t know the dates the customer made the payments and to check which sales credits are issued and applied against the invoices.  Also, if in the course of account reconciliation, the customer said there are payments they have made which are not reflected in the statement or ledger and is able to provide you with proof of payments, all you have to do is review the customer ledger if you are missing out on these payments.  If there really are missed recording of payments, all you have to do is record the payment.  Take note that in this specific example, if you are updated in making bank reconciliations, missed out or unrecorded customer payments will be avoided or minimized.  In most cases, updated bank reconciliation always give way for more accurate customer payments recording.

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