Course FAQs

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1. Q: What if you are unable to make it for the training dates? Is it possible to change or postpone the dates?

A: No, changing of dates would not be possible. It’s the best to check you schedule before booking to avoid any collision.

2. Q: If the classes are changed in dates that I could not make it, would I be issued another class to join with?

A: Changing of dates is for extraordinary cases. If that happens, you will be issued another class to join which will be the next scheduled training class.

3. Q: Can I get a refund if the class changed into dates I can’t make it.

A: You will not be able to get a refund but you will be able to join the next scheduled class.

4. Q: Would I need to register first if I want to change the dates of the classes?

A: It would be recommended to check your schedule first, as changing of dates for training classes is not possible. Only for in-house training you should inform the trainer beforehand. Registering of in-house training would be required.

5. Q: If I can’t make it for classes, must I register for in house training??

A: You can either wait for the next month scheduled training classes if not in-house catering is the best choice currently.

6. Q: What if I do not have a laptop? Is it compulsory to bring one for MYOB and Microsoft Excel?

A: Yes, you would need to bring a laptop as MYOB and Microsoft Excel is learnt by using software hence a laptop is a compulsory item.

7. Q: Do you rent laptops to us?

A: No, we do not have any laptops giving out for rental.

8. Q: What is PIC?

A: PIC means Productivity & Innovation Credit Scheme. It allows company to claim back expenses or reduce tax with it. For more information please visit

9. Q: What does it means that the training is PIC Claimable?

A: The MYOB Courses is a PIC Claimable activity.

10. Q: Why do you need to take Basic course in order to take Intermediate course?

A: It would be unfair for those who attended intermediate with basic background as we would need to teach you basics first in order to go into intermediate course.

11. Q: What is the standard group size of the classes?

A: It’s around 8-15 person.

12. Q: Can we make the payment by cash?

A: Yes.

13. Q: Do we need to buy the MYOB software if we do not have the software?

A: It’s optional for you to buy the software; we do provide the sale of software.

14. Q: Do you provide the MYOB software for us to download it free?

A: We do provide software for you to install during the classes but only with 30 day trial.

15. Q: What is the maximum number of seats we can book at a time?

A: You would need to call our Business hotline (92705162) to check the number of available seats during the moment you were booking as it might be unavailable.

16. Q: Are there any differences in teaching between in-house catering and training classes other than flexible venue and timings?

There is a minimum 4 hours booking of in-house catering. Your can determine the number of hours you want to book. In-house catering could go according to your pace while training classes would need to go according to the whole class pace.

17. Q: What are the essential items to bring other than laptops to the class?

A: You would need to bring writing material for taking down notes, mac books should include windows visualization system.

18. Q: Is it compulsory to learn accounting before starting on MYOB software?

A: It’s not compulsory to learn accounting in order to start MYOB software, MYOB could still be used even you have no knowledge of accounting.

19. Q: If we need to go off early after we have finish the classes is that possible?

A: Yes it is possible to go off early if you have finished the classes.


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