Microsoft Excel Training Courses

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Microsoft Excel Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Course (Each Level)

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Introduction to Excel

  • The program
  • Interface

Introduction to Spreadsheet basics

    • Create/Save/Open New/Existing Workbook
    • Navigating around the Workbook/Worksheet
    • Entering Data(text, numbers, date, functions, percentage)
    • Editing and deleting data (cut, copy, paste, clear)
    • Autofill and Flashfill
    • Drag and Drop Options
    • Find and Replace
    • Autocorrect

Formatting for better view

  • Font Formatting: Italic, Underline, Bold
  • Alignment
  • Number
  • Styles
  • Themes
  • Format Painter

Printing the Workbook

  • Printing Setups
  • Page Views: Layout and Break
  • Various outputs (PDF, emails, etc)

Formulas and Calculations

  • Straightforward Mathematical Computations
  • Utilizing AutoSum Functions: Sum, Min, Max and Average
  • Operators: Add operator, Subtract operator, Multiply operator, Divide operator, Percentage(%) operator
  • Spreedsheet Foundations
  • Auto Calculate
  • Simple Formulas

Windows Management

  • Different views
  • Multi windows (Freeze/Split/Window)
  • Arranging the windows

Additional Features

  • AutoCorrect
  • Construct Window Panes
  • Emailing Worksheet
  • Find & Replace
  • Freezing/Locking panes
  • Splitting windows
  • Arrange All

Data Organisation

  • Filtering: AutoFilter, Filter by Colour and Text Filters
  • Criteria – contains, equal to, not equal to
  • Grouping & Subtotals
  • Using Sorting Options – Custom, ascending and descending, A-Z, Z-A
  • Custom Filter

Data Analysis

  • Conditioning Formatting
  • Understand Formatting

Data Management

  • Using Name Range
  • Absolute Cell Referecing

Conditional Formulas and Formatting

  • Understand Formatting

Advanced Functions

  • Absolute Cell Referencing
  • VLOOKUP formula
  • HLOOKUP formula
  • Data Validation

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts (Basic)

Working with Data Tables


  • Creation of Charts and the Various Chart types
  • Basic editing of charts
  • Resizing and Moving
  • Choices of Colour
  • Switching Data
  • Printing Charts with or without data
  • Switching Chart Location
  • Customising Charts
  • Manipulating Chart titles, Chart Legend, Chart Data, and Chart labels
  • Handling and Controlling of Data
  • How to create a Combination Chart

Supplementary Tools

  • Paste Unique
  • Functioning with Sheets
  • Hide or Show Comments
  • Hyperlinks
  • Worksheet and Password Security Protection
  • Finding duplicates


  • Switching on the developer tab
  • Creation of macros
  • Switching the macro security settings
  • Recording and Executing macro


  • Multiple Workbooks
  • Merging Workbooks
  • Sharing a workbook
  • Functioning with external data
  • Creating a formula to link workbooks


  • Multiple Worksheets
  • Handling between worksheets
  • Constructing 3-D formulas
  • Utilizing the Paste Link Option
  • Controlling link updates
  • Dealing with Broken Links

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts (Advanced)

Advanced Charting

  • Advanced graphing and charting option that you can use to decorate your excel presentation
  • Sparklines

Scenario Manager

  • Building Scenarios


  • Solver Parameters
  • Cell Reference/Constraints

Documenting and Auditing

  • Determining Precedent and Dependents Cells
  • Revealing Formulas within the Sheet
  • Adding, Displaying, Editing, and Removing Comments
  • Realizing Formula Errors
  • Utilizing the Trace Error Commands
  • Running with Error Checking
  • Evaluating Formulas

Advanced Calculations

  • Area and Volume
  • Investment and Loan
  • Time and Date
  • Relative Cell Reference

Please email for training schedules.

 International Plaza – Beside Tanjong Pagar MRT

We wish to highlight that dates may be subjected to changes without notice.

Classes will be postponed if there are less than 6 participants.

We can also arrange a close class specially for your company as long as you have a minimum of 6 participants.

We only accept payments transacted in Singapore Dollars and all payments are neither exchangeable nor refundable for other items.

Note: We conduct the training using MS Excel 2013.

Microsoft Excel Courses In Singapore (SkillsFuture Approved)

Excel remains as one of the most appealing software applications that the community around
the world relies on till this day. What makes Excel so appealing to users? Well, there are numerous advantages of Excel, which consists of its user-friendliness, effectiveness and easy entry to help users improve their efficiency using Excel. The course will also lead you through the basics of Microsoft Excel, and will help you acquaint to the numerous functions and formulas of Excel.


Excel Champion Bundle

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