5 Advanced Excel Formulas To Prepare

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Excel is a pretty straightforward software to use once you have gained experience and knowledge in it’s interface capabilities. Under usual circumstances, the simple functions and formulas you pick up along the way is sufficient to assist you in daily tasks. However, if you are keen to learn more, you can give these 5 advanced excel formulas a try:


  1. VLookUp

Save a lot of your time by learning Vlookup for data processing purposes. With VLookUp, you don’t have to spend time sifting through information, you can ask Excel to sift through and perform a search automatically for you, so you can access the relevant details you need faster. You can make use of this formula to specify what you want as well (details matching the ones you are looking for and the like), so you don’t have to keep making repeat searches.

  1. SUMIF

As strange as it sounds, the Sumif formula is actually a pretty useful one. Especially when you need to sum up values that meet certain specified conditions from an entire list of details. If executed accurately, you will be able to retrieve the sum up of values from all the others that fulfill said condition without having to go through the trouble of doing so manually, hereby decreasing the possibility of error.


SUMPRODUCT is a nifty formula that allows you to get the total sum of your products with corresponding numbers by referring to multiple arrays of numbers so when applied to areas, especially for sales data, you will be able to easily derive actual results and go on to process the information accordingly. While Sumproduct seems to be of little use, it can actually prove to be your greatest helping tool in others.

  1. Concatenate

The concatenate formula is an easy and quick way of adding multiple text values to different cells without combining the cells, just the contents. In this way, you can combine the text from multiple different rows or columns or insert a formula-calculate value somewhere in the text string. So if you are looking for easy organisation, why not give this a try and see?

  1. Iserror

If you are ever unsure of the details you have keyed in, you can make use of the Iserror formula to check if there is any error in the input. This way, you can effectively track down all your mistakes and correct them as quickly as possible to facilitate smooth progress. Now you don’t have to spend time checking each and every factor and just devote your attention to the ones that matter the most.
Here are 5 advanced excel formulas to get yourself acquainted to. Practice and experiment with the formulas to see how much smoother your excel workbook can function with these in place.

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