5 Steps To Remember For Excel Printing

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The process of printing can be a confusing one if you treat Excel like other ordinary documenting software. There are certain procedures in Excel printing that you have to undertake to get a good print. To help reduce the amount of time it takes to produce a good quality print, here are 5 steps to remember when it comes to Excel printing:

  1. Watermark Insertion

Watermark insertion is a good deterrence to have in order to safeguard your Excel documents 1515against others who may try to claim credit for it. To create a simple watermark, locate the ‘Insert tab’ and choose ‘text’. This will enable you to create your watermark through Word Art and paste the text. If you already have a custom watermark image to use, choose ‘Insert’, select ‘Header and footer’ instead from the same ‘Text’ section, choose ‘Picture’ and ‘Ok’ the step.

  1. Non-continuous Area

In order to print non-continuous areas of your Excel file, you have to add them into the print area. Choose the range of cells that you want to add, then hold down CTRL on your keyboard so that you can select another until you have covered all that you wish to print. Now simply choose the Print area icon, which can be found in the toolbar or select the ‘File tab’ and choose ‘Print Area’, ‘Set Print area’ and print.

  1. Page Breaks

Page break insertion and removal are easy to accomplish. Tell Microsoft Excel where to insert or remove page breaks by locating the ‘Page layout’ tab. Choose ‘Break’ option and it would reveal ‘Insert Page break’ or ‘Remove Page Break’ options. Page breaks are one of the easiest functions to work with when it comes to Excel printing, and yet one of the most effective as well.

  1. Custom View

Not many users are aware that custom view could be used for Excel printing when quick printing is needed. Using the ‘Custom view’ function on any worksheet, select CTRL+P and hold it so that the print dialog box is enabled for you. Select OK, your command would be processed and printed with relative ease. This is a good function to use especially when you only require to print certain sections for reference as quickly as possible.

  1. Page Numbers

If you want to add page numbers to your Excel worksheets while printing, you can actually do this in a variety of ways. Select the ‘Page tab’ and locate the ‘Page set up’ so that it opens up the dialog box and enter the number in the ‘First page number’ option. Or enter it into the ‘Header/Footer’ section. You can also enter it into a cell instead.

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