Why You Should Be Loading And Using The Solver Add In With Excel

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Whenever users mention Excel, the solver add in is always pretty quick to follow into the conversation. There’s a good reason why this is the case, and that reason is also why you should be using the solver add in together with Excel. Here’s what you have to know:

The Solver Add in is a specially designed add in program for Microsoft Office Excel that is made available when the user installs Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel. The Solver add in is essentially an add in that works as a suite of commands, also known as what if analysis features. With the add in, you will be able to easily find maximum or minimum values for formulas under different constraints or limits, and values. The solver add in is also capable of adjusting values of decision variable cells to produce the results the users need. Through a variety of different methods like linear programming, evolutionary algorithms and more, the solver add in is a formidable tool to have, especially when users need to perform data analysis.

However, the add in is only usable after you load it into Excel.
Users can load the add in by looking for the File tab and choosing options. You will find the selection for Add ins inside the options list. Choose the option and you will be directed to the manage box. Choose Excel add ins and authorise the move by selecting Go. You will be directed to what add ins are available for your Excel software. Locate the solver add in and select the check box beside bit before choosing okay. If you receive a prompt saying the solver add in has not yet been installed, you may have to install the add in manually first.

Once you have loaded the solver add in, the function would be available under your Data tab, right in your analysis options! If the loading is successful, you will then be able to begin to explore and use the solver add in with no problem.

The add in’s main purpose is to help users arrive at a solution, hence it’s widespread popularity with Excel users. Do know that however, the solver add in is not a fix all. The add in mainly uses three requirements to derive solutions- mathematical relationships, model size and integer constraints. If your projects contain poor scaling, it could affect the add in’s ability to derive a solution, costing time and quality.

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