Looking For The Right MYOB Trainer- 5 Criterias They Must Meet

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Choosing the right MYOB trainer to guide you through the world of MYOB is an incredibly important decision, especially when you are trying to get your money’s worth. But without any background knowledge in MYOB, it can be difficult when identifying the right choice. To make the decision process simpler, we have come up with 5 criterias the right MYOB trainer should be able to meet:

  1. Background

Before you sign up for any MYOB training course, it is best to do some research on your MYOB trainer. What kind of background do they have? Are they a certified MYOB professional? Do they have the necessary skills and understanding of MYOB? What versions of MYOB do they know? You need to know that they have at least some form of credibility before considering attending their training classes.

  1. Experience

Apart from general MYOB knowledge, the right MYOB trainer has to possess some form of understanding in tying it back to the business type of the participants. The trainer has to be able to advise participants based on their business- which areas to look out for, what else can be accomplished and how they can apply this to their everyday work. This will then further encourage participants’ interest and likeliness to continue using the software on their own as practice and for work.

  1. Class

Everyone has their own diverse learning styles, just like how different trainers have different training styles too. The right MYOB trainer for you should have a training style that best fits your learning style so you will be able to learn more effectively. When looking for the MYOB training courses, some training centers have stated curriculums and training level based classes, if possible, do some research and ask questions to get a better sense of what is going to be covered.

  1. Special arrangements

If you need special arrangements to be done, the right MYOB trainer should be able to accommodate that. For example- if you are hard of hearing or have visual impairments, it would be best to locate a trainer who can accommodate that.

  1. Resourcefulness

The right MYOB trainer should be able to further assist participants by offering some form of resources at the end of the training session. Since the process of learning about MYOB is a continuous one that relies heavily on practise, your trainer should be able to give recommendations to tutorial resources that you can access even after the day’s trainings. Like free video tutorials, forums or credible sources where they have case studies so you can continue practicing on your own.

Take a look at the trainers you have shortlisted. Are they able to fulfill all of your requirements? Are they able to meet all these aforementioned criterias? If they are able to, then you may have yourself a good choice right there.

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