Microsoft Excel Android Apps- Worth A Try?

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In an attempt to better cater to it’s user’s needs, Microsoft Office has finally made Microsoft Excel android apps available on the market for download. The creation of the android apps have undoubtedly caused quite a stir, but at the end of the day, is it really worth the download? Today, we discuss the topic at hand with these factors in mind:

The Good

Microsoft Excel android apps allows users to gain access to their workbook files even while traveling outdoors, contributing to a boost in terms of productivity since users can now make decisions and view files outside. The android app also retains a user-friendly interface similar to what users are accustomed to so navigating around features and functions is fairly straightforward. Users are able to create, view and edit excel files via mobile with the certainty that their work is saved with seamless results even when transferring from PC to mobile and vice versa.

What’s more, Microsoft Excel android apps are free to use so virtually everyone with a mobile phone and data connection can download/use it. If users take the trouble of signing up with an Office 365 subscription, they stand to unlock even more useful features that can help them in their endeavors. Microsoft Excel can also be linked to many sharing platforms like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and more for easy file retrieval and sharing with others. Other members can also make changes to the spreadsheet together once they have accepted custom invitations and previous versions of files are all stored safely so users can revert to them any time.

The Bad

Unfortunately, Microsoft Excel android apps seem to be unable to function as well when it comes to larger workbook project files- prone to freezing or closing when users try to access or use features. There have also been several reports on bugs and updates causing access difficulties for mobile users. The app has also been known to experience numerous crashing problems.

Final Verdict

Microsoft Excel android apps have earned an over all rating of 4.4 out of 5 from android users in the Google Play section. Most users seem satisfied with the functionality of the app, citing that use of the mobile is immensely helpful and simple to grasp. However, the android app is lacking in certain areas. Certain users experienced difficulty with file access after recent updates and have to resort to 3rd party applications to do so, which is a major drawback. As of the current moment, Microsoft excel android apps seemed to fall short when it comes to graphical content, which could be complicated since business files often come with logos and the like.

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