MYOB Profit and Loss Reports

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MYOB have built-in reports that enable you to analyze the Profit and Loss statement for your company.  These reports are found on the Reports window right below the main command centre as per screenshot below


You will be directed to the Reports window and you click on the Accounts tab as shown in below screenshot:


The reports under the AccountsProfit & Loss are as follows:

  1. Profit and Loss (Accrual)
  2. Multi-Period Spreadsheet
  3. Multi-Period Budget Spreadsheet
  4. Year to Date
  5. Last Year
  6. Percent Sales Analysis
  7. Last Year Analysis

Profit and Loss (Accrual)

This Profit & Loss Report shows the result of business operations using the accrual basis.  All the revenue and expenses accounts that are active in MYOB are shown in this report even if they have zero balances.  This report has no option for multi-period or comparative period data, but only on a date range report, example, January 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015.  This report will then show the total profit and loss statement from January 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015.

Multi-Period Spreadsheet

This report shows the Profit and Loss using the multi-period in terms of months.  This multi-period spreadsheet format shows the profit and loss on a comparative monthly basis, which could be from previous months or 12-month period for the whole accounting year, for instance, January to December, 2015 profit and loss.  This report will enable you to make a comparative analysis of the business operation results and it would be easier for you to spot increases or decreases on profit and loss components.

Multi-Period Budget Spreadsheet

Budgeted Profit and Loss for the period on a comparative monthly basis is shown in this report.  You can generate this report in a 12-month period spreadsheet or any number of previous months.

Year to Date

This Profit and Loss Year to date report also gives options for the month range reports and shows the total amounts only for the selected period.  The difference of this report from other reports is that this provides percentage analysis of the profit and loss items, thus giving you comprehensive analysis on the sales, cost of sales and expenses components as per screenshot below:


Last Year

This Profit and Loss report shows comparative report from that of last year and percentage sales, cost of sales and expenses.

Percentage Sales Analysis

This report shows the current period actual and budgeted profit and loss and the last year comparative profit and loss and the percentage growth/decrease analysis.

Last Year Analysis

This is the simplified version of the Percentage Sales analysis which shows the current period profit and loss compared with the last year, amount difference as well as the percentage difference.

Budget Analysis

This report shows the current profit and loss compared with the budgeted profit and loss for the period, difference in amounts and the percentage difference.  This makes your analysis of the results of current period operations against the budget quick and easy.

If you have not taken the time to explore the Accounts – Profit and Loss reports as stated above, it is high time you start doing so to appreciate how much MYOB has made useful reports so quick and easy for you to generate, saving your time and effort on the process.

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