Preparing yourself for the Excel IQ test in 5 steps

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When delving deeper and exploring all that Microsoft Excel has to offer, one would inevitably come across something known as the Excel IQ test or Excel Assessment test. The Excel IQ tests are specially designed and formulated to gauge an individual’s level of knowledge when it comes to Excel. Most of these tests should cover topics from the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The format can depend on the test structure, though one can expect multiple choices and other practical exercises.

Corporations can often require for applicants to take an Excel IQ test to gauge their compatibility with the job opening they are applying for. So if you are looking to apply for a job opening, or just want to test the limits of your knowledge, here’s how you can prepare yourself for an Excel IQ test:

1. Source Around

You will be surprised with the amount of resources you can find when looking for Excel IQ tests. Before you apply for job openings, it would be good to gauge your current level of understanding by identifying and taking a pack of different Excel IQ tests. However, it is often recommended to do so by searching for verified sources. For example- Excel IQ tests from websites for professional training are often a better option compared to others since course creators often rely on curriculums that relate to business professional needs. This could also give you a realistic comparison to what you are supposed to know if you intend to test out your proficiency.

2. Variety

Variety is essential when it comes to taking Excel tests- this way, you can identify common functions/formulas that are covered in the tests, as well as find out the solutions to those you have not tried out before. Especially when it comes to job applications- it is nearly impossible to correctly predict all that the company’s Excel IQ test will cover since each corporation’s requirements differ, but by practising/identifying the formulas you aren’t as familiar in, you are adding onto your chances of passing the test.

3. Videos

Brush up on your training by searching for video tutorials that you can refer to while preparing for your Excel IQ test. Video tutorials not only provide visual but also auditory engagement, thereby increasing the chances of the user retaining information. Video tutorials also help since you will be able to witness for yourself how certain functions/formulas are used instead of having to deal with confusion by trying to visualise through information alone.

4. Tips and Feedback

Look for tips and feedback from Excel forums- especially official Microsoft Excel forums. This is a good resource for advice and insight from users who have taken Excel tests. By mingling with different Excel experts, you can take the opportunity to ask for recommended tests to take, search for solutions and other valuable tips.

5. Format

Whenever possible, try out sample tests that contain different formats- interactive tests, MCQ choices, sample essay questions, specially designed interfaces and more. This is to familiarise yourself with being able to adapt to different question types under a time frame. Different format questions are also ideal since you will also be able to gauge what kind of questions are tricky for you and practise that more.

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